HVAC and Electrical Service

Save money while keeping your homes and business safe and comfortable year-round by calling on Air Quality Technology Cooling-Heating-Electrical for HVAC and electrical services. Day or night, you can call us and we’ll come running to help. It’s our mission to help your home or business stay safe and comfortable no matter what weather we’re having, to ensure you’re breathing the safest, cleanest indoor air possible, and to help you save money on every utility bill you pay.

Air Duct Cleaning

Remove contaminants and dust from within your ductwork. Through our air duct cleaning service, we whisk away all dust and debris that prevents fresh air from circulating in the room. After all, every time that you turn on the AC, you don’t want to take in dust particles, or do you? Call Air Quality Technology Inc. today!

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Lint will always build up in your dryer vent, and that is why it is crucial for our team to help you clean it. Air Quality Technology Inc. wants to assist you in removing all lint that reduces your dryer’s efficiency and that increases humidity in your home. Moreover, we eliminate that very dangerous and possible fire hazard.

The Only HVAC and Electric Services Company You’ll Ever Need

Whenever you let one of our technicians into your home or office, you can rest assured that we protect and respect our work area and leave the space as clean as when we arrived. Our experts are known for our quick, efficient, and fairly priced service.

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